Earth Retention: soil nails, tieback anchors, soldier pile, secant pile, sheet pile, cutter soil mixing

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Foundation Support: Tiedown Anchors, Micropiles, Drilled Shafts, Augercast Piles

Ground Treatment

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Drill Tech Drilling & Shoring, Inc. takes pride in providing high quality work and technically innovative solutions for the most demanding and challenging projects in specialty geotechnical construction. Our ability to adapt and build versatile equipment, coupled with our extensive engineering experience and highly skilled personnel creates the ‘Can-Do Attitude’ that Drill Tech was founded on.

Drill Tech provides core services including earth retention, foundation support, tunneling, shaft construction, ground treatment, dewatering, and architectural shotcrete for a wide variety of projects ranging from large to small, routine to challenging, and with or without schedule compression. Our goal for every project is to provide the most economical and efficient solutions and build on our reputation as a leader in geotechnical construction.